Thursday, 10 November 2011

EAT,PRAY,LOVE by Elizabeth Gilbert .

Hey peeps today post i would like to write about this novel and movie as you read at the title EAT,PRAY,LOVE by Elizabeth Gilbert extroardinary author and the movie is directed by Awesome director Ryan Murphy and taking Lead Role in the movie is Beautiful Julia roberts .This book remained on The New York Times Best Seller List for 187WEEKS ! can you believe that ?.

 Ofcourse , the first thing i want to confess im not a noval lover . I just watch the movie .Well , why you want to sitting so many days to know the whole story when you can know it by watching movie for 2 hours ? Does my opinion make sense.HAHA.No offense to novel lovers ! its just myself opinion because reading is like sleeping pills to me since i was in highschool.Believe me.HAHA .Okay .let continue this story is about "A married woman realizes how unhappy her marriage really is, and that her life needs to go in a different direction. After a painful divorce, she takes off on a round-the-world journey to "find herself". I know its kinda sad to see how tough was the journey to find herself in such a way but in the same time its very inspirational for all women out there especially women that have same fate as her.Even you are divorce or having a tough time its not the end of the world ! we need to push ourselves , believe in ourselves that we can go through to any challenge that come on our way . Always trust your instinct , be yourself is important.

I've been through a lot of painfull history of my live and i feel every humans have their own stories and problem .I would like to shared bout mine.Even its painfull to me to tell but i hope it help all you guys out there even what ever happens there's always a hope . It happens when i was
11years old , its already late night .So,i was watching tv in my room with my younger sister and my maid "kak endang" . When i was watching tv , i heard yelling from my parents room.I quickly get up and try to see what is going on with them.The door was open little so i was hiding behind the big cupboard near my parents room and i saw my father were pulling my moms head and hit her head at the wall .My mom was crying and apolligizing to my dad like crazy.He wont listen .He kick my mom like animal.I was dumb 11years old just watch my mom get beat up like that.I cant do anything just staired at my mom.I run back to my room and crying because theres nothing i can do to help her.Oneday,my mom decided to run away home with me and my sibling .My mom cant take it anymore and that time i was 13years old.We stay at Cheras for a while.My mom and dad got divorce but in after few month my mom get married back with my dad and that time i went back to my old house and start new life.In 5 mei 2011 is another black memories in my life when i almost get kill by thief that break through into my house when i was sleeping.The thiefs tied my hand and a lot of time threatening my life.I cant believe this will happen to me.In that time , i just can think god ,if this day i died please forgive all my sin that i already done .nothing else i could think off.After that happen,i become so scared of everything,Crying all day but until oneday i realize that i have to push myself to be strong.From that on i start to let myself be calm.Take everything slowly and think before i do something and try to figure out myself.The most important is i get lots of love from my mom,dad ,aunts ,sibling ,friends and neighbours that be there and really support me to be strong.We feel that theres no one love you.You are wrong.

Always be strong , confident and calm.
thats all my post for today.Lots of love from me .MUAH :*

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